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Ángeles Conde – Spain


My first contact with engraving was around the year 2000. That contact can be described as love at first sight, and I must confess that after almost 18 years I’m still in love with it. During this time I’ve worked in the workshop of two great Spanish artists, Manolo Ayllón and Iván Araujo, and I’ve co-edited two series of engravings with the latter. I participated in two collective exhibitions in the art gallery «Tresen Raya» (2004 and 2006). I joined a group of engravers, and, under the name «Tabuco», we exhibited our works in different art galleries: Sala Aima (2010), La Boca – Espacio de cultura (2011), La cajitadel arte (2013) and El patio de Martín de losHeros (2014). In 2015 and 2016, together with the «CollectivodiVERXIA», I exhibited two artist’s books in «Más que Libros», an art fair focused mainly in that kind of art format. Finally, in January 2019 I exhibited my latest works in the collective exhibition “Nuevos – Anterior” organisedby Aspa Contemporary, Madrid.

« Squaring The Circle »

Intaglio sugar aquatint on Zerkall 300g – 36 x 23cm – 2017

The idea behind this work is to represent in a graphic and apparently simple manner that it is possible to achieve what still seems impossible now: a fairer and gender-equal society.

« Serie Homenaje a Baya »

Intaglio sugar aquatint on Zerkall 300g – 31 x 24 cm – 2020

A tribute to an unknown Algerian artist who lived from 1931 to 1988 and who seems to have influenced the work of artists such as Picasso and Matisse.


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